Few lessons from the royal wedding.

√ Learn to choose your life especially a life mate not as the society endorses or family chooses especially for a young man but do it rightly.(Harry’s choice of a bride)

√ Your skin colour, race or age can’t stop your destiny or royal bloodline ,at the set time the universe will work for your favour.(Mixed race and black)

√ Have an open mind not to ignore your prince because of age, he could be a king with wisdom beyond men with grey hairs.(Harry 33 and Meghan 37years)

√ If someone choose to call you a trash, a prince/princess would adore you as a treasure to have.(divorced but remarried by a prince)

√ The home you admired from outside as a stranger or normal neighbour could become a home you will live in as a member of the family or owner tomorrow.(Royal bride was seen in front of the royal palace 22years ago as just a normal girl)

√ Your career or past not withstanding, believe in yourself, be focused and optimistic, it will be a contact to your glorious future(being an actress didn’t matter anymore)

√ Don’t feel bad about disappointments ,they have a historical blessings to unleash(Meghan walked to the altar by her father in law in the absence of her father).

√ Simplicity is royalty. (Harry’s bride so simple but adorable).

Well, I want to learn more than I just wrote here. Please, share with me what you have learnt from this royal wedding.

He broke all the rules. All of them.

He married black. Married a divorcee. Married an older woman.

The royal family will never be the same again because one man decided to set his own rules. Breaking all boundaries, mocking the stereotype.

Men like Prince Harry make the world a colorful, rich, and beautiful place.

He broke all the rules. All of them.

He married black. Married a divorcee. Married an older woman.

The royal family will never be the same again because one man decided to set his own rules. Breaking all boundaries, mocking the stereotype.

Men like Prince Harry make the world a colorful, rich, and beautiful place.


Nigerian Youths are Lazy… Yes I agree.

Nigerian youths are lazy & uneducated. Always wanting free oil money” ~ PMB

Sir, you are absolutely correct. One of the lazy Nigerian youths who is enjoying free oil money had an accident with the power bike he bought with free oil money not too long ago, and he was flown abroad for treatment with free oil money, then he hired a jet with free oil money from London to Abuja after his treatment.

Sir, I completely agree with you that the Nigerian youths are lazy and uneducated and always wanting free oil money. Their role models are in Aso Rock enjoying free oil money without even solving any problem for the country. When they are ill, they fly abroad for medical vacation with free oil money.

Why would anyone disagree with you that the Nigerian youths are uneducated? It’s very obvious. That’s why they don’t even know their rights. They keep defending your ineptitude.

You enjoyed free education as a young man, but today the youths are deprived of basic education. You were a governor, a petroleum commissioner and ahead of states as a youth, but today, youths are on social media defending your failures.

Honestly, I agree with you that the Nigerian youths are lazy, that’s why you ruled Nigeria as a youth and have also grabbed the job as an old man. The youths are too ignorant to even know the implication of your comments. They don’t even know you and your fellow old men are doing jobs they should ordinarily be doing.

Sir, the most interesting aspect of this your truth is that you said it in a country where their government provides basic infrastructures, almost free education, free WiFi, free health care, almost free investment loans for their youths. While, in your own country, these lazy and uneducated youths, provide their own electricity, schools, security, roads, healthcare etc.. Yet, the indolent youths use their “free oil money” to buy mobile data to defend your ineptitude.

Sir, let me remind you that we have seen so many Nigerian youths who were almost useless in Nigeria, but when they cross over to the western world, they suddenly begin to excel in different fields of endeavor. What do you think is responsible for their positive output in the foreign land? Your guess is as good as mine, Sir- The difference is not farfetched. A responsible government plan for their youths and create enabling environment for the youths to be able to create wealth and contribute to National development. Can we say the same of your own country? Certainly Not! Instead, we have lazy, uneducated youths who would hang on telecommunication masts and electric cables to shout SAI BABA when you visit their states. I only wish they knew better.

Sir, Finally, let me ask you, apart from the free oil money we have been paying you since your days as a youth till date, what have you been able to make out for yourself on your own? Do you have thriving businesses that are providing employment for the Nigerian youths? Have you invented anything on your own? Sir, you can now see that this free oil money is what has kept you going for over 50 years. Perhaps this laziness is not limited to the youths alone, I guess some 75-year-old incompetent presidents are also lazy and love free oil money, that’s why they want to remain in power till they are 90 years old.

I leave you to your conscience.

I’m a lazy youth, and I will make good use of my PVC in 2019…. 👌🤷‍♂

Williams Emmanuel.

Well written.

Creative art carving with fruit.

We Love to fish out extraordinary talents and creativity. And feature them in our TV showJidekaijiTv

@Hilda Omobola Enodamo is Someone to Look out for. She’s creatively turn fruits to Amazing art.

Tip of the day: Fruit carving tools are inexpensive when you compare the cost of tools for other skills.

Another reason to learn FRUIT CARVING!

Amazing Art Carvings


MultiChoice Nigeria has announced the return of Big Brother Naija 2018, one of Africa’s most popular reality television shows. With this announcement, Big Brother Naija 2018 Registration and Big Brother Naija 2018 Auditions have commenced.

The organisers said the return of the Big Brother Naija show is coming as a result of the success of the second edition where aspiring hip-hop artiste Efe Ejeba won N25 million prize money and an SUV after almost three months of drama, intrigue, betrayal and entertainment in the Big Brother house (all action viewable on Multichoice and through the Big Brother Nigeria Naija Website).

Big Brother Naija 2018 Auditions

Auditions for the 2018 Edition will be held between the 9th and 10th of December in various parts of Nigeria. There seems to be no registration form and the price is free. The Audition Dates and venues are listed on their website and below:

The six audition venues are:

• Lagos – West Town Hotel; 1, Ayeni Street, behind Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja
• Port Harcourt – 5141, Aba Road, Port Harcourt
• Abuja – MultiChoice Office, Plot 1548, Ademola Adetokunbo Street, beside NEMA, adjacent Transcorp Hilton, Maitama
• Enugu – Oakland Hotel and Park, Tunnel Crossing, Ogui Link Road, beside Etim Plaza, Enugu
• Delta State – Deluxe Garden Suites, Bauchi Close, Shell Edjeba, Warri
• Ibadan – Mauve 21 Events Centre, MKO Abiola Way, Ring Road, by Adeoyo Junction, Ibadan

Big Brother Naija 2018 Registration

Although there was no mention of the Big Brother Naija 2018 registration requirements in the press release by MultiChoice, to be on the safe side if you plan to go for the audition, carry along a valid ID card and a (5 x 7) portrait photo/head shot.

Good luck!

 Consistent igbo culture, always offer value.


Do not relent on offering Good value consistently offering value in your profession/filled.
Sometimes it might feel that despite your efforts,  you have nothing tangible  financially to show for it.

Keep putting your best consistently!
You have gone far to chicken out. Keep moving.

Like me  consistent has been my power bank recently  I posted Igbo a 1 min+  video clip on  my timeline,/ fb page in regards to encourage parents the need of teaching their Igbo kids our culture and Language as early as possible, it’s went viral, I got a call from across the globe both outside the country from some of Niaja parents that love and showed the video to their kids. 

The value I  offered made a top legend Igbo TV presenter connected me and my crew members Jidekaijitv to co-host with him on His upcoming IGBO EZUO Event @Golden tulip

Which all the Igbo prominent star will grace the occasion.
This is a major opportunity for me and my crew members to pitch the value we offer at Jidekaijitvshow with massive important audience might be the limelight/break point, dream come.

The icing on the cake is that we will be paid handsomely for our work. Woop—woop
Rounding up 2017 strong and Kick starting 2018 in powerful way.
As Author, professional Lifestyle entrepreneur, Travel consultant, Media Teen/young Adult mentor.

Host of Jidekaijitvshow
Yea my Niche is broad like that and I’m loving every part of it.
An individual that creates a business with the purpose of altering their personal lifestyle and not for the sole purpose of making profits. A lifestyle entrepreneur focuses more on the life rewards provided to people that enjoy and have a passion for what they are doing. There is a possibility that the business will do particularity well since the individual has a passion for what he/she is doing.
The main role of a professional Lifestyle entrepreneurs is to impact and touch lives positively first then can as well earn a living/wealth from what they love doing.
One of the most important duty of a professional Lifestyle entrepreneurs is knowing what  people, clients/ customers and your readers as a writer Author, and business man/woman  might need even before they ask for it. And when they do you will be in position to offer them extraordinary result because you understand really well what they need from scratch.
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Lifestyle Entrepreneurs


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Join me in The Quest of 

Offering value consistently.

In 2018.

Are you ready to be consistent? Let’s hear how intend doing it in the comment motivate each other.2018 is going to be mega Boom I can feel it.

Share how you plan to do it in your own way to motivate each other.
Start planning now.

Consistent is the master key to unlocking that your  2018 dreams.

Letter to the next Generation. (Young African)

Letter to the next generation
Young African,

You are brave, you are resilient. You are savvy, you are entrepreneurial, and unlike the generations that have come before you, you are much hungrier for success. You call your ambition, “your hustle”, and you have several of them because you are tireless and eager to achieve financial independence – no matter how elusive it appears. You are optimistic but you are also anxious. You have seen others toil long and hard for economic security in vain, decades of labour without fruit. Some of your friends may have discussed emigrating with you – legally or illegally, and some may have lost their young lives crossing the Mediterranean in search of a future overseas where their talents are recognized and rewarded. You may even know a few in Libya, unsuspecting victims to the ugly acts of slave trade. A combination of these factors have left you disillusioned and disconnected. You don’t believe in politics. There is no use in getting involved. You have seldom experienced good governance, so you think, “What’s the point?” But despite the gloom, there actually is indeed a point.
My generation and the ones before may have failed you, and the infrastructure for success glaringly absent – a persistent darkness in place of electricity, a stifling business environment that discourages enterprise and innovation, debilitating bureaucracy,  inaccessible public officials who remain oblivious to your needs, an outdated education system in urgent need of reform– and the list goes on, but, if there’s anyone with the power to transform our continent and reshape our economic and social trajectory, it is YOU. There is formidable power in your intellect and creativity, your talent and ingenuity are rare, and your resolve and determination against all odds, can drive great change. But most importantly, the greatest force is in your numbers. Together, all 600 million of you that are under 30 years old, have the potential to be the most influential bloc on this continent. The indescribable influence that you can collectively wield, I hope that you soon fully understand and hopefully, deploy.
Today, I’d like to discuss the inescapable reality of politics with you. It has been a busy week of traveling from Lagos to Boston, to Los Angeles, and in a few hours to New York, to receive BCIU’s inaugural Dwight Eisenhower Entrepreneurship Award, but I thought to take time out this evening to share a few thoughts with you. I have been inspired to share this with you after listening to my former professor at Harvard, Prof Michael Porter, whose session during our leadership council meeting of the Harvard Kennedy School Center of Public Leadership, was insightful, powerful, and very thought provoking.
His well-articulated argument emphasized that as a people we cannot afford to remain passive about politics. Though his reference region was America, there are strong parallels with our own situation in Africa. The main root cause of our continent’s underlying failure to pull the majority of its citizens from the unyielding clutches of poverty is poor leadership, so then why do we continue to tell ourselves that politics exists in a realm outside our own realities? Why do we refuse to engage in the political process of identifying and supporting visionary candidates, instead we remain at the mercy of political leadership committed to putting private interest ahead of public interest. Leaders who are beholden to the ideology that political parties come before citizens. Leaders who are private gain-seeking actors.
What we desperately need is a continent-wide awakening. We must grow to become active citizens who are committed to getting involved. The system is not self-correcting, there are no market forces at play to ensure that it corrects itself. It will require human actors – me and you – to identify and dismantle the structural impediments that fuel the status quo of bad leadership. We must address this issue both systemically and systematically. Our democracy has become very disconnected from being democratic, we must bring power back to the people. We must reform the rules of our electoral processes to inject more transparency. We must transform politics from being an industry for a few interests, to being about the people and addressing the public needs. We must change the oligopoly nature of our politics today to being one for the majority. The barriers to entry are high in politics, and very often, our best brains and talent are discouraged from running for office. We must dismantle these systems that keep away talented, individuals from joining the race.
We must open the door for generations knocking after us. We must take advantage of our demographic dividend, millions of young people who are ready to make a change. We must welcome this new generation of new ideas and we must democratize access to opportunity for all. We must get more women involved in the process because when you empower women you empower communities. Structural reforms mean that no one individual can make this change alone, but with our collective voices and the realization that this is our time and that no one but us can save our continent, we can achieve change. We can no longer outsource politics or governance to people we do not trust. We must understand the inextricable link between governance, economic growth and national security. To pretend that politics does not influence the entirety of our lives harms us more than it benefits us.
We must change the rules of the game. We must put up a coordinated front to reorient our values and bring power back to the people. Our leaders must be the best amongst us – those with the most transformative ideas and the capacity to deliver. . It should be the best amongst us leading us in government, in the military, in our judiciary and of course the corporate sector. We must instill accountability in our processes, but also hold ourselves accountable. We must play our own role in identifying and empowering those amongst us best placed to make this difference. To abscond from this duty is to be negligent of our responsibility to our continent.
It won’t be easy, but nothing good comes easy. A famous man once said you should learn to categorize all your problems in three sections: Easy, Impossible and HARD but doable. When it’s easy, you should give it to someone else to handle. When it’s impossible, you shouldn’t bother with it. But when it’s hard but doable, you should go straight to work to make it happen.
My fellow Africans, I appeal to you that though this task seems hard, it is entirely doable and we must begin this journey. Let us rise to this challenge and begin to elect leaders who we trust in and are confident will help us realize the social and economic hopes of our continent.
By Tony Elumelu

I concur that we need to mobilize the youth to get involved and not being passive.

They need to hold their Leaders accountable, in politics and Government. 

We need new Nigeria. 

I will keep doing what I can in my own valuable way.

I will see greater Nigeria in my life time

what about you.?

Surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie


According to this woman, she claims she has done series of plastic surgeries (precisely about 50 surgeries) just to look like “Angelina Jolie” the Hollywood star. 

Low self esteem is truly a bad disease & it’s the more reason you should choose yourself instead – This is a lesson for those who want to look like someone else, like another race rather than being truly proud of who you are & how you are created uniquely. 

There can only be one ‘YOU’ and one “him/her” in context of who you’re trying to be like or clone. 

Why would you want to be someone else? Have you asked yourself that question? Have you thought of discovering your true potentials? What does existence mean to you? Does it mean being like someone else? Does it mean not being okay with your nature, your race and your background? 

Think about those questions for a couple of minutes – it’s time to reevaluate! People often confuse having a role model for trying to be like someone else… These are two different things, a role model serves as your motivation & inspires you to take on new challenges in order to succeed, but trying to be like him/her will only degrade you and never bring out the full potentials in you.

Originality is irreplaceable, that’s one truth you should learn to live with.

Turner D Andrew

I could not agree less to me low self esteem is like a living dead!

Be Yourself because everyone is taken.


The world’s most vulnerable, fleeing war and poverty back home, are being abused and auctioned off as slaves – a shocking danger facing migrants and refugees in Libya. It has been reported that hundreds of people are being auctioned in modern day  for as little as $400

Libya is the main transit hub for refugees and migrants attempting to reach southern Europe by sea. They are coming from countries like Nigeria, Eritrea, Guinea, Ivory Coast,, Gambia, Senegal, Sudan and Somalia.

The power vacuum in Libya after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi has made human trafficking and people smuggling a booming trade.

And the European Union’s renewed strategy to stop migrants and refugees travelling across the Mediterranean has led to more people being stuck in the north African country without money or food.

Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports.






It’s not always about what we do for ourselves but what impact we make in the lives of others! 

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Adesuwa and Banky W, SA wedding


I must say SA is a beautiful place! I said so not by hear say but my life experience on my South African Trip 2010 three weeks Vacation with my then two year old Lovely Daughter Chizi.  

In case if you want to visit were here @anakingproduction Travel section to book your ticket/hotel reservation and recommendations, best spot to enjoy your stay based on experience. 

Today We’re celebrating marital bliss with #BAAD2017 Wishing them happy married life.

The most talked about celebrity wedding of the year 2017 is between Adesuwa Etomi and her hubby Olubankole Wellington better known as Banky W.

The duo has been trending both on the mainstream and socia media with the hashtag #BAAD2017.

The couple help their traditional wedding in Lagos on Sunday, November 19.

Adesua Etomi who is a Nollywood actress just got wedded to singer, Banky W in a South African church. The wedding was attended by few friends and close family members.

Here are pictures from #BAAD2017