How awful addiction can be?

Many times in life journey we discover that we all are guilty of being addicted to something, some are major addiction that can be harmful to our body, if not deadly like drugs,alcohol abuse,or tanning everyday for a decades.

I read article recently about a lady who had been tanning for everyday roughly 10 years not minding the healthy risk, she says even skin cancer wouldn`t stop her.

How insensitive one can get, that`s one of dumbest thing I`ve heard lately.

It kept me wondering how many people are addicted to something especially those that are very much aware of the consequences of their actions yet find it difficult to quit or consider it worthy to make a positive change.


As healthy lifestyle flick that I am,such things makes me sick, I can understand if one is remorseful of bad habits and strive to make a positive change but what baffles me is when one careless and indirectly insulting those that are fighting and seriously battling with their lives for cancer,melanoma and other deadly diagnosis.

My point is that we should be comfortable with our skin even if we need to tan let it be in moderation, we should learn how to pamper and take care of our skin, body and general health because health is wealth.

Be content with your original skin color and complexion take care of it like precious jewel, You don`t need anyone approval to tell you how great you look, if your comfortable with who you are, you don`t need to go extreme or do crazy stuff to look good,no matter what color your skin are if you take care it you will look fabulous.

I will like to hear what healthy tips and things you do to keep your skin beautiful, healthy, feeling and looking great.

Have awesome day.


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