Effective ways to lose weight and keep it off for life.

So you`ve decided now is time for you to lose that extra weight, your sick, tired, fed up with how your looking and most importantly you want to be happy again and get your life back from being over weight to being normal weight and healthy.

You made the right decision and I`m so proud of you but their is a catch on losing weight and keeping it off for life, I used to advice many of my client that are passionate about losing weight with slimming tea, to not just drink it and do nothing but also incorporate it with healthy eating and exercise is also very important to consult with your doctor for routine check up, by doing so you will be advice to do what is best for you base on your

condition, and the amount of weight you want to lose, if your on maintenance type I guess by now you should be familiar with what works for you and  ways to maintain a healthy life-style for life.

Back to effective ways to lose weight and keep it off for life, urge to lose weight is one thing finding time to exercise and make a healthy choice is another thing.

Many times people focus there mind on shading the extra weight and willing to do anything to lose the weight not minding the side effect, why would anyone want to lose weight fast for short period and gain back the whole pounds later on?

The answer is simple because some people get frustrated, want to attend event, they feel awful,sad,unhappy,or their life is in danger because of the extra weight and they have no option than to lose weight to feel better and most importantly to be out of danger and live a happy life again.

There is good news, losing weight can be simple with this formula but not so easy but hey nothing good comes easy, I bet with time you will find out that what seemed hard at first might be easy if your used to it. Use this three formula below to lose and maintain your weight for life.I also love cardio and strenght training,running on treadmill, this are just examples, do what works for you, get used to it and make it life style thing.Image

1.Move more eat less. When you eat a lot without working out you store extra pounds in your body that`s when you become obese. but if you reverse the case exercise often eat less the weight will gradually come off in no time. Exercise must not seemed like chore make it fun find something you love doing, I used to dance and practice yoga with my daughter that`s great opportunity for mother and daughter bonding.

2.Make a healthy choice. eat vegetables, fruits, protein, good fats, fiber,be hydrated replace you soda with water and natural fruit juice. do not skip eating breakfast, when chosen your breakfast, fortify and start your day with healthy meals.

Food is not the enemy but it`s the choice of food we make.

3.You are what you eat. Don`t quit when you attain your goal weight make it a life style duty be healthy for life not just for losing weight also keeping it off for life.

Health is wealth.

You can add  more help tips  on effective ways to lose weight and keep it off

Have awesome day.


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