My Husband forgot my birthday

Today16 July 2012  is my birthday, guess what my husband of almost a decades forgot it`s my birthday, how awkward? to say I `m not hurt and disappointed I would be lying.

He is not so good in remembering events birthday`s anniversary.

I pondered through it, and gave it a second thought, It`s something His not proud of. Sometimes  His birthday skip His mind  too until later in the day or a day after.

Things happen and people do genuinely forgot there maybe nothing sinister in it and it is not always a sign that they just don`t care.

I used to remind him but I decided not to this time

I just bought myself a cake and presents act giving them to myself as a treat celebrating a special day in my life Yes I know it  seemed childish, but it`s works like magic and effective way to make me feel it`s my birthday It`s does not matter where the cake present come from whether I bought it or my husband it`s my birthday cake.

Next year I will roll over to keep reminding Him week before the special day also make sure all important events are kept in reminder, would not mind saying in the morning of the event, Hey hubby it`s your wife birthday , It will not be a bad idea if you start now to plan a special treat for me.

I don`t make a big deal about my birthday but I would expect some gesture that it`s my special day.

It did turn out well later, as sensible husband he later plan romantic dinner for two at the place of my choice with gift as icing in the cake.

I will like to know if you have ever experience this and how you resolve it.

Have awesome Day.


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