3 Reasons to celebrate Women.

Today is world women’s day.

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I decided to list 3 reasons why we should celebrate wonderful, beautiful, loving, unique individual called woman.

I held from a place where men/women are regarded equal but unfortunately not treated the same as they should to an extent, but things are looking up good there is hope and positive change, unlike  decades back .

But let’s save that Information for another day, I don’t want to bore you with unfortunate ways women are treated in my culture. I’m in the mood of celebration. So here you have it below.

  1. She is daughter.

There is a saying that’s goes when you train a man you train individual but when you train a woman you train a nation.

This is so true. It’s time will give every girls chance to be what they want to be. Educate them to the highest level.

  1. She is partner.

Keeping up to a stable, loving relationship can be a hard work, it takes maturity, and lot of responsibility it’s should be selfless act and unconditional. What you put into it is what you will get out of it, there is no two ways about it.

I say kudos to all the women, partners, mother’s who is trying all they know to be the best they can, making a positive impact at home, and society.. It can be challenging for those with kids especially single parents in this area.

She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day work for her servants.

3. She is entrepreneur.

A good woman is priceless, She is energetic and strong, she makes sure her dealings are profitable her lamp burns late into the night. Women are known to be multitasking than their opposite folks.

In most case they busy trying to fix many things at a time.

No matter where you fit in, the bottom line is that you have every Reason to be proud of being a Woman.

Happy Women’s Day!


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