Human hair wahala

A girl broke up with her fiance because of human hair.

The question is what is human hair ? The answer is simply your God given natural hair. Every human has this hair.


(My natural original human hair)

    It doesn’t matter where you come from. So why go crazy and desperate to wear a piece of someones hair why you have yours.  Some girls do anything including breaking up with their fiance just because the innocent young man is wise enough not to waste his money on unnecessary expenses, spending 82.000 naira equivalent to $ 500 or more to buy brazilian, peruvian or indian hair.                        

There are so many negative stories regarding this issue including weaves thefts.

Seriously this madness has to stop! Girls please learn to appreciate, maintain, treat, love, and be proud of your natural hair.


(Fabulous braid with synthetic)

                             You can switch looks once in a while with hair extensions after all a girl has to look good, do it when you can afford it, play around with extensions including human hair but do it when you can afford it. You don’t have to be desperate about it.


(Beautiful braid)

it must not be human hair,there are many beautiful, affordable synthetic, and african braids,switch your looks without breaking the bank.                        
   As always your opinion is very important to me , Share your opinion on   this topic.   please also share post.


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