Pakistanian couple murdered by bride parents.

A world without Islam and It’s Terrorism, Violence Protests, Child Marriage, Discrimination of Non-Muslim Minorities, ”Honour Killing ” Genital mutilation, Rape crimes, Genocide Massacre, Looting, Subjugation of Women, Blasphemy Charges, killing of Apostasy, lack of Freedom and equality, Authoritarianism Military and Monarchy Regimes, Evil Sharia law and Sharia Court, Stoning of women to Death, Lashes for alleged Adultery, Death for Gay and Witchcraft, Targeting of Non-Muslim places of worship and Muslims mass migration to the Non-Muslim Society and try to change Non-Muslim law. Lack of Education and intelligence.

The world would be a better place without Islam: 100% ABSOLUTELY. POSITIVELY. MOST CERTAINLY. DEFINITELY. UNDOUBTEDLY.

Islam was started in a tribal environment where there wasn’t even civilization enough to know a family relationship. The practice of inter-marriage within Muslim communities. Parent and Child relationship etc. Brothers raped sisters when they became pubertal and parents raped their children before they grew up in Bedouin tents.

During the time Islam came into this world – Africa was a lot more civilized. Then come Muhammad pai goom bar to spread Islam with Sword, Become a Muslim or Die. Muhammad the founder of Islam was not a pure man, He was an Evil man and had Sinned.
Muhammad started his Islamic Cult by Offensive Jihad, War Genocide, Kidnapping, Rape, Looting and force conversion to his Cult Islam.
Muhammad first Rape victim was ”Aliya a 16 yrs old Jewish innocent virgin was raped by Muhammad. Aliya was kidnapped and raped by Muhammad himself. Women in Islam , TILL TODAY when, Women in Muslim society get raped they have no voice because the presiding judge is an Imam. and she needs to have some 4 Male Witnesses to testify that she was raped. There is no medical examination of any sort and no logical investigation. WORST come , if she complains and is NOT able to prove that she was raped , she herself becomes a criminal as per Islamic law and she gets 4 – 5 yrs imprisonment. Some women gets stoned till death in public within Muslim Society.
This is still happening in all Arabs Nation, Pakistan, Afghanistan and some African Countries which practice Islam.

In other words Islam is a fanatic Cult, It induces a retrograde culture, People in an Islamic Countries, unless they do away with Qur’an. They become enslaved in a Tribal book, they keep reading for 50 times a day.
There is no Science, Progress, Freedom in an Islamic Country. There is just ONE Product that comes from Islamic Countries TERRORISM and JIHAD . JIHAD at any cost and all costs, another problem that is direct result of Islam is POPULATION EXPLOSION. 1 Muslim man can and will marry up to 4 wives ( And in most Arab Nations the SHEIKHS have 4 LEGAL WIVES AND 10 ILLEGAL WIVES {from young innocent Virgins Smuggled from Russia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Bangladesh}.

From 1 Legal wife he has 10 to 12 kids. X 4 = 40 or 43 Legal kids . If we are talking about Illegal kids then that goes ,..LIKE THE BIN LADEN FAMILY IN 100’s 1000’s. Mother Earth will never have enough resources to feed so many kids. and all these kids are mentally deficient being born premature or under inhuman conditions, have disabilities and become liabilities on societies when they are told that there is nothing outside the Qur’an for you and you have to kill the Jews, Kill the Christians if they don’t convert to Islam.
The World Population increases at the cost of standard of living decreasing and due to its Anti-West, Anti-Christian and Anti-Jews approach, they become united in it’s Jihad War against Jews, Christians and other Non-Muslims( THAT IS NON ISLAMIC )

1) PAKISTAN the Boiling pit of TERRORISM . Pakistanis have been PARASITES on every Countries . Start from India,go to UK, European Countries, Australia, USA and Canada. They get bashed up every places for being PARASITES ON THE LAND THEY LIVE IN and want to impose their Islamic Ideology on Non-Muslim Societies which allow their to migrate.
In ENGLAND the average White-men feels repugnant of Pakistani Society which smell stink and are full of Dirt and JIHAD.

2) All Arab Countries where every major facet of TECHNOLOGY that they have is IMPORTED through from EUROPE, CHINA, USA AND JAPAN . To maintain their TECHNOLOGY their hire Cheap contract Labor from Asian Countries like India, Philippines and Thailand, etc. These contractors have ”NO RIGHT” in the GULF Countries they Sweat for. NO CITIZENSHIP. NOTHING. AFTER 30 YEARS OF STAYING THERE THEY ARE CONTRACTORS. INDENTURED SLAVERY IS THE HALLMARK OF ISLAM.

Islam is a Cancer, it is worse than Nazism. This case of honor killing generated this comment.


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