BUHARI GET WELL SOON, But not to return in Office…………. Anybody wishing Buhari to return back to seat of power is enemy of Nigeria, our prayers is for God to restore his health so that he can go back home and enjoy his old age, let us not run from the truth, he is off age and need to go back home and rest rather than suffering his self and Nigerians , as a president how many time have we see him? All we hear is when he travels and when he come back, is that how over 150 million people should be ruled? I don’t think so. Nigeria is sick already and cannot be govern by a sick and old man. You guys should learn how to speak the truth without fear of favor; Osibanjo is 100% fit and better. My beloved president you need to get well soon,and have rest. Leading over 150 million Nigerians is really not good for your health. BUHARI MY PRESIDENT I WISH YOU WELL, AND SPEED RECOVERY! I DO NOT WISH YOU DEAD BUT I DO WISH YOU KINDLY GIVE-WAY FOR ACTIVE LEADER. Thank You


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