Honeymoon trip to paris

Excerpts from my book LIVING MY LIFE.

He fondled her as they kissed, caressed her sweet face with a gentle touch holding her cheekbone tightly to his. He moved his hands to her belly, tickled her belly button, moved up to her breast touched it lightly, sensuously suckled, and smooched her. They made love next to the window of the Luxembourg Garden in one of the most exotic Parisian hotels in their stylish luxurious hotel suite.

About half an-hour later, they were famished. They headed straight to the hotel buffet, an elaborate and skillful manner of dishes. They requested for intercontinental cuisine and sat on a gorgeous well- decorated dinner table for two.

“I can’t believe we’ve spent two whole weeks here in Paris. I think it’s enough. have to go back to Lagos on the first flight”, Shawn said to his lovely wife  Dolce.


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