VIRGIN SUPER MODEL by Uju Christy Okoye



Belle celibacy Super model beautiful and intelligent down to earth tried to console her sis, She`s determine, with the support of her fiancé Evans belle can conquer the world.

she`s ready to do anything to save her sis from heart-break, betrayal from her boyfriend Max, belle was willing and ready to do all it takes to save her sis who is her best friend.

By the looks of things she might have slim chance.

Mercy lively teen very clever ambitious fun and cheerful!

Her dream and wish is to become a medical doctor in the college.

Suddenly she experienced more than she bargain for, she wondered where to go from here? She was in a deep mess and totally devastated.



Awareness on sex Education reading and leaning can impact teens/young adults positively right?             Probably yes!

My project is fiction but very educative and informative, if these project is properly executed it will save a lot of teens and young adult from getting into trouble, for instance un-wanted pregnancy, drugs, alcohol and death due to abortion and child-birth. We live in the world where majority of teens and young adult lack little or no knowledge about the consequences sex before marriage and non protective sex, most of them get pregnant from age 13-14 and 15 years. This incident is a major problem teens  go through around the world, many die in the process of child bearing, because some of them are too young to undergo labor pain.

Most of them tested HIV Positive without proper treatment, while STDs happen often

Many teens and young adults suffer because of lack of information and support from family and society or pressure to have sex just because some of their friends are doing it, some have multiple partners at the same time thinking is fun and normal.

Teens, and singles need to be informed and have knowledge regarding sex Education for a brighter and successful future!

You can get the book on One of the major Nigerian online book store Okadabooks also in world major online store Amazon

Watch out for Virgin super model book turn feature film,  coming soon!  I’m Done with the shooting currently on post production/Editing.

Best regards!


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