Distant Relationships pros and Cons

Distant relationship has taken out some joy/happiness out of many marriages, I can relate to this, hubby and i stay in diffident countries now, I was with him earlier, but being a Portuguese speaking country we decided that its not a great idea for kids to be raise/ school there so we decided for me n our kids to come back first to Nigeria then he can join us soon, its 4 years since we came back to Nig, He visit off n on, sometimes i feel so lonely and off the weather, and my libido is too high that i feel like going nut if i can’t find my man beside me to cuddle n do our bedroom section duty. n other husband/ fatherly roles, is only those that are into distant relationship that can related to this because its difficult to explain. If your reading this and your into similar like me, your not alone and yes it can be difficult and the same time sweet when he/she visit, it feels as if you started dating new, and also like a second honeymoon. But the truth is is not ideal and best for a healthy relationship.

On most occasion he will make arrangement to visit only to call at the last min that it did nt work out again, i will cry my head out. Infact at a point i told him to stop telling me that his coming, its better for me that way,, Abeg i no fit come n have heart attack. (In my Naija pigin English tone) my kids still need their mother alive. I try my best to not allow it to way me down, always sing, dance to my favorite musics, to uplift my spirit look fabulous as if am going out for a date, guess what! yes I’m choose to date my self, love myself, make my self happy, smile even if i dnt feel like it, pray n commit everything to God.
This morning when me n my kids was having our morning devotion i got a call fr hubby,, no is not foreign no but his Niaja. Surprise!! is understatement. i feel like we just got married last weekend its one of the good part of distant relationship , but on a serious note, is very hard my sisters, meanwhile we are 12 years in this university that you will never graduate yet u keep taken different courses to higher level.

Meanwhile I’m grateful for giving me a kind & caring man, Praying that soon we will all leave together the way its mend to be, Nothing is too difficult for God, Luke 1: 37
Are you into distant relationship? Are mine the only one into this sweet n bitter roller-coaster distant relationship?

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Do have a great day. Hugs.


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