I pray for my husband Ikenna felix Okoye Lord the father Lord the Son Lord the Holy spirit, I lift my Husband before you, You made him, head of the home,You desire for Him to Love his own wife, I Uju christy Okoye, just like he love his own body, Eph 5;21-30 made it clear to us all the duties assign by you to wives and husbands please Lord give my husband n I ability to carry all the duties without any lacking behind. I don’t know how you will do it, but I pray you make him take the right decision for the best of the family, let not his will be done but only your will for us be done,let him always be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, that will glory the name of the Lord base on your word as a Husband. May he be the best companion for me the kind of man he will wish his son to become, A spiritual leader, loving, caring, kind, provider, great support, protect his family and always do the things that will put smile n happiness in our lives, keep him in great health, illness free, may we both grow old together, without any ill health/diseases to enable us enjoy our marriage not just now that we are young but in old age aswel and rest in bosom of the Lord at old age. Bless the work of his hands become the most successful, wealthy and man of integrity to your glory, let him also remember the less privileged and support them as much as he can, perfect /upgrade our communication, financial and sex life, to highest level.
May no strange woman take my place in his life, may we be faithful to each other no room for infidelity/ extra marital affairs.
Bless him indeed enlarge his territory let your hands be upon him and keep him away from evil. In Jesus mighty name Amen.
Have you pray for your spouse lately?
God answer prayer give it a try, You will be glad you did.
Those that have done and see result, you can share your thought lets encourage each other, sometimes we feel overwhelmed by all the challenges of marriage, prayer can really unlock stubborn situation by faith.
It is well be all the husbands in the world. God bless you all.


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