Who are mine? (Describe your self)

If your not the one wearing the shoe please do not try to decribe how it pinch.

Because you will likely end up being presumptiuos and judgmental which kills  Happiness in human existence. 
Often people make mistake telling a story of someone they know nothing about””'” it’s Turn off to a Happy life because you will end up  being a gossip or tatafo. .lol I’m sure if you really want to have a positive outlook in life you don’t want to be in amibo category. 
Being able to describe your self will let people know, who you are, your vision statement and Can boldly say I know what she/he represent.
 Let me go first.👇👇 Drop yours at the comment.

I’m Uju Christy Okoye
Author/Travel /Tv Production, Achor of Jidekaiji TvShow.Business Mogul,  entrepreneur with a vision statement  With God sky is starting point!
I’m spiritual, Prayerful, Classy, homely, Great in kitchen,bedroom & office section. (As married woman)

I love to be vibrant, honest, open minded and happy. I love women who empower and build each other, My turn off are arrogant, pride, fake and judgemental people, my turn on are, Honesty, selfless act, determined, integrity and Happy atmosphere. 

I’mpossible is not in my DNA

I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me.

I’m possible! Because I serve a God of possibility. 

I’m passionate about giving back, touching lives, seeing people Happy, encourage and support valuable vision handwork/ talents and living my life to the fulness fabulously and best of all I’m Save by God almighty.


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