Corruption is a vampire

Do you know what came to my small head. 

Phew! That NGO’s and private people would just come together and  donate food stuff to people in different designated area and it will be huge. Its going to happen in every area in the country and even CNN will carry it, it’s a form of voiceless and peaceful protest.  Maybe then the government will understand we are in a state of emergency and hunger prevails.
Maybe then they stop all these there nonsense fights at the Assemblies and co and there disappearing acts when others in the world see how impoverished a supposed rich country is. The ‘Giant of Africa’. Do you know the Telecommunication companies and Banks are sacking people almost on daily basis?
Someone died of medical negligence yesterday not even of the disease that should have killed her, no equipment in the hospitals, few medical personals, no jobs, even those with skills have no capital to start with. Yet they breed and drink corruption and even the smallest units in the government offices follow suit. 
The problem is our ‘it is well’ spirit, our ‘amuwa Olorun’ spirit,we makes jokes at everything while they sliced our throats.Yes, I love our comedy spirit,it keeps us going but sometimes we need to cut it to face the issues squarely. We accept everything they throw  it at us and we move on.

Even the last corrupt leaders are now our mentors and advisers. I shake my head. I hate delving into politics. But this morning I just woke up in anger. 

Corruption is a vampire eating the citizens of our beloved Nation.

The Leaders enjoy the national cake while the masses languish in misery. 

Something needs to be done.


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