Parents can your Teens and young Adult confidently share their emotions with you?

Parents when last did you pay attention to your Teenager/Young Adult emotional needs?

Can they confidently tell you their deepest feeling? 
They are meant to find solace in someone who care to listen and understand them. You need to be that person  if you really love them. 


 Most of them end up in the wrong hands.  
Most of our Teens/Adults are suffering from emotional trauma.
I weep when I hear some heartbreaking stories of our beloved Teens/young Adults, each time I get a  call from most of them. After they read my sex Education book Virgin super model.

Thanking me for inspiring them positively.

 I can really relate because I wore that shoe then,  so I know exactly where it pinches!😭

Countdown to my Virgin super model Sex Education book turned movie set to premier on

16th july my Birthday 🎂🎁

I dedicate this Birthday and Movie premier To our Teens and young Adults. Our future Leaders.


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