GPS easy car tracker solution,  your satisfaction is our priority. 

Manna can’t just come and enter your hands

You must have something doing  to enable God bless the work of your hands.

Not the  amount of Typing Amen.

What’s in your hands?  

Find your passion and kick that ass &

Hustle hard.
I pray God bless the work of our hands.
That moment when you Offer life changing Services to your clients, and put smile to their faces. All you do is reciprocate and be happy for impacting life positively. 

Anaking production not only Write/produce true life stories/ movies, We Book your tickets to any country of your choice in our  travel/Tour section.

 Our  Jidekaiji TV show  help to showcase, Advertise your products and services globally. 
We also  install car trackers.

With Easy Track GPS  Solutions, Secure and recover your car under minutes. 100% effective, 100% reliable, Secure at low cost.

*EASY TRACK GPS SOLUTIONS* is a tracking company here in Nigeria with 6 branches in 6 states. We give the best GPS location on Trucks, Cars, Buses, Speed Boats, Vessels, General Automobiles and Speed limiter. *FEATURES*: You can see the location of your vehicle in Google Map from anywhere in the world with the use of your mobile phone. 

You can stop your engine and resume it,  no matter the location of your vehicle. distance is not a barrier. 

You can as well hear the conversation going on in your car. Contact me for more explanation. 

Whatsapp +2348149386300

Visit our Office D52 Oyo plaza Trade fair complex- Lagos.


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