Hello Welcome to my blog *Opinion circle*  the definition it`s just it I use this blog to hold my self accountable of who I am, where I`m coming from and where I’m going. I blog about my Life as Christian who is fearfully and wonderfully made by God,my duty as wife,mother,self-employed woman,  writer, author & producer. I love media /Entertainment,its one of the effective way to voice thought and opinion on random things everything in general depending on my mood, area of interest, what is happening around me,current affairs and Life. I don`t enjoy writing but I feel better & uplifted whenever I write, and put my thought in written form, I`m no way a pro but I can`t help but write,No wonder I was able to Author and  published my three books Titled 1.Living My Life (For all age group fiction short story about life and challenges, diagnosis,perseverance and survival. 2.Virgin supermodel tried to save her teen sis,save yours if you can.(For teenagers about sex Education. 3. Not just a partner but be the best companion (For relationship, married and singles, coming out soon. You can find the first two titles by Uju Christy Okoye on Amazon in paperback and For me writing has been a medium of escape whenever I`m less busy, also away of putting my feelings and thought together on any issues that I find appealing to address and share my point. Not everyone will agree with me it`s perfectly fine that`s why everybody is unique and has different views,belief,mind-set, and styles. I`m not flawless, I strive to be the best person I can be, I`m simply  a work in progress. I can do all things through christ that gives me strength phil, 4:13 Very vulnerable for people`s opinions and comments See you around. Have  awesome day.


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