Honeymoon trip to paris

Excerpts from my book LIVING MY LIFE.

He fondled her as they kissed, caressed her sweet face with a gentle touch holding her cheekbone tightly to his. He moved his hands to her belly, tickled her belly button, moved up to her breast touched it lightly, sensuously suckled, and smooched her. They made love next to the window of the Luxembourg Garden in one of the most exotic Parisian hotels in their stylish luxurious hotel suite.

About half an-hour later, they were famished. They headed straight to the hotel buffet, an elaborate and skillful manner of dishes. They requested for intercontinental cuisine and sat on a gorgeous well- decorated dinner table for two.

“I can’t believe we’ve spent two whole weeks here in Paris. I think it’s enough. have to go back to Lagos on the first flight”, Shawn said to his lovely wife  Dolce.


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VIRGIN SUPER MODEL by Uju Christy Okoye



Belle celibacy Super model beautiful and intelligent down to earth tried to console her sis, She`s determine, with the support of her fiancé Evans belle can conquer the world.

she`s ready to do anything to save her sis from heart-break, betrayal from her boyfriend Max, belle was willing and ready to do all it takes to save her sis who is her best friend.

By the looks of things she might have slim chance.

Mercy lively teen very clever ambitious fun and cheerful!

Her dream and wish is to become a medical doctor in the college.

Suddenly she experienced more than she bargain for, she wondered where to go from here? She was in a deep mess and totally devastated.



Awareness on sex Education reading and leaning can impact teens/young adults positively right?             Probably yes!

My project is fiction but very educative and informative, if these project is properly executed it will save a lot of teens and young adult from getting into trouble, for instance un-wanted pregnancy, drugs, alcohol and death due to abortion and child-birth. We live in the world where majority of teens and young adult lack little or no knowledge about the consequences sex before marriage and non protective sex, most of them get pregnant from age 13-14 and 15 years. This incident is a major problem teens  go through around the world, many die in the process of child bearing, because some of them are too young to undergo labor pain.

Most of them tested HIV Positive without proper treatment, while STDs happen often

Many teens and young adults suffer because of lack of information and support from family and society or pressure to have sex just because some of their friends are doing it, some have multiple partners at the same time thinking is fun and normal.

Teens, and singles need to be informed and have knowledge regarding sex Education for a brighter and successful future!

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MY WISH FOR BUHARI………… Anybody wishing Buhari to return back to seat of power is enemy of Nigeria, our prayers is for God to restore his health so that he can go back home and enjoy his old age, let us not run from the truth, he is off age and need to go back home and rest rather than suffering his self and Nigerians , as a president how many time have we see him? All we hear is when he travels and when he come back, is that how over 150 million people should be ruled? I don’t think so. Nigeria is sick already and cannot be govern by a sick and old man. You guys should learn how to speak the truth without fear of favor; Osibanjo is 100% fit and better. My beloved president you need to get well soon,and have rest. Leading over 150 million Nigerians is really not good for your health. BUHARI MY PRESIDENT I WISH YOU WELL, AND SPEED RECOVERY! I DO NOT WISH YOU DEAD BUT I DO WISH YOU KINDLY GIVE-WAY FOR ACTIVE LEADER. Thank You

LIVING MY LIFE by Uju christy Okoye

Sometimes Life can be so clue unforeseen circumstances daily life challenges terminal illness can be challenging unfortunately it`s inevitable in life it can also make life miserable and not worth living sadly some chose to give up easily without fighting while some never give up.
Ignorant can be deadly more than deadly disease.
Is your LIFE not precious to you that you dare not to fight and strive to live and enjoy it to the fullness no matter the circumstances?
~ As if the diagnosis is not enough, unstable job and arrogant business acquaintance Shawn made matter worst to David & His family but He proved to be courageous never give up even when life seemed unfair! He never quit! Not with a lovely and beautiful strong support Life partner like Ruth suddenly life turned ugly and unbearable, will David family ever live to enjoy their Lives? it now available online at Okadabooks  & Amazon13932666_848601058574758_3725775276951238796_n paperback / kindle edition you can also get it in other bookstore outlet in Nigeria.


The most powerful thing you can do to change the world for the best, be successful and fulfilled.

I’m going to keep it short and straight.

The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life,people, and reality to something more positive, and begin to act accordingly, man is made or unmade by himself, by the right choice, he ascends.

Watch your thoughts, they become your words, watch your words they become your habits, watch your habits they become your character, watch your character for it will become your destiny, if you wish to be successful, and want the world to be a better place to live work on yourself towards be positive, pray without season, get wisdom and knowledge, have faith in God.



Empowering and given our teens/young Adults right information and positive impact, is very crucial, for them to discover them selves, get right information, build them up in the right direction. Introducing a fb group Awesome teens/young adults, join us if you think you fit in, also add someone that fit in. It promised to give the right information and self discovery that can be life changing for the best. They learn all the essential things they need to know that will help them to be the best & more! Believe in them selves, have a positive out look toward life be passionate to be a role model not just in their families but in the world because With God sky is not a limit but your starting point. Friends/fam. if you think you can benefits from these group join right away, or you have someone who can benefit from this group add them, just search (Awesome teens/young Adults) and you will surely thankful for taken the right step.